Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Industrial Rope Access Cup

Written by Damian
On the 12th of March the 6th Industrial Rope Access Cup took place in Leipzig. We were invited to set up a highline in the "No Limit" climbing hall.
I went to Leipzig on Friday evening to prepare everything for the next day. We drilled some bolts in a concrete column for the pulley side. The 25 m line crossed the hall and ended in the middle of the opposite wall close to a balcony. The bolts were fixed directly in a girder. After 3 hours and with the help of Holger Lucke and his team the line was complete and ready to walk. I made some walks to test the setup and finished the day with a nice dinner at a friends house.

On the next day the competition took place and Sebastian supported me with his highline skills. Beside we had some interesting discussions with the riggers and some friends we met. It was fascinating how fast and efficient these riggers work with the help of ropes, hardware and their well trained skills.
Thanks to Marco Pfeiffer (, Holger Lucke (, Eric Kuhn ( and the No Limit team ( for the organistation.